Frequently Asked Questions

1How much does it cost?
Vehicle Sign Writing starts from £160 A full wrap will starts from £900 The total price depends on factors such as the size of vehicle, model of vehicle, material used, texture of material, colour of vinyl, design work required and detailing of wrap.
2How long does it take to wrap?
It takes anywhere between two and five days depending on the size of your vehicle and complexity of the wrap.
3Can it be removed?
Yes, it can be easily removed by a professionally trained member of our team. Whilst wraps can last a long time, if a change or removal is needed we can also provide this service. Furthermore one of the key advantages is that wraps protect the paintwork.
4What materials do you use?
Vehicle Bright only use the best quality material for our wraps, the specific finish and material used will depend on the clients individual needs.​ We use a wide range of suppliers and all our products are compliant to the ISO standard.
5How long will the wrap last?
The type of wrap used will depend on your specific requirements. A Monomeric wrap lasts approximately 1-3 years, Polymeric lasts approximately 3-5 years and last approximately 7-10+ years. This will also depend on the treatment and aftercare of your vehicle.
6How do I wash the car once wrapped?
Within reason most forms of car washing can be used, our wraps are durable and can be treated as a normal car, machine washes are fine but we recommend avoiding power jet washes. Always take care when using chemicals and detergents.
7Do I get any guarantee or warranty?
Yes, any problems that could occur are most likely to happen within the first week of fitting therefore we provide a standard 3 month guarantee to cover any initial problems.
8Are you insured?
We are fully insured to store and work on vehicles up to a value of £1,000,000. We are covered with public liability insurance including product, employee and negligence whilst working on your vehicle.
9Will the wrap damage my paintwork?
All of our products have been thoroughly tested to meet ISO standards so will not directly damage your cars paintwork, however it is best to ensure you car is of sound OEM quality.
10How hardwearing is the vinyl?
Our vinyl wraps are extremely hard wearing against most scratches and chips however be aware that minor surface damage can occur. One of the main benefits of having your vehicle wrapped is that it will protect your paintwork.
11Do I need to inform anyone about my vehicle wrap?
It is not a legal requirement to inform the DVLA about a vehicle wrap as it is classed as a temporary change, although we advise you to let them know you have wrapped your car. It is also important to tell your insurance about your vehicle wrap so that if you have an accident they are aware of the cost and materials required to replace the wrap.

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