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19th March 2018

Two-Tone Is On Trend For ALL Car Types

You’ll see that many car manufacturers offer two tone designs on their models as part of a higher priced package, however, despite this added cost Toyota […]
12th March 2018

Reflect Your Brand With A Reflective Vehicle Wrap

Reflective vehicle wraps used to be used solely on high-visibility emergency vehicles and road maintenance vans, but now bright colours that reflect lighting during the day […]
28th February 2015
Matte Vehicle Wrapping Vs Chrome Vehicle Wrapping

Matte Vehicle Wrapping Vs Chrome Vehicle Wrapping You Decide!

Matte and Chrome are currently the most popular options when it comes to vehicle wrapping in Cambridgeshire. Research in 2010 by a vehicle wrapping company showed […]
6th October 2014
Vehicle Wrap Shiny & New

How to Keep Your Vehicle Wrap Shiny & New?

Congratulations, you’ve realised that vehicles wraps are one of the most effective and affordable ways to get your brand out there locally. You’ve been to collect […]
24th September 2014
Food trailer vehicle signage

Does Your Business Deliver Food?

We have been speaking to loads of businesses recently that deliver food to their customers, whether it’s the sandwiches delivered for work meetings, pizzas on a […]
14th July 2014
Cleaning your vehicle wrap

Is a Wrapped Vehicle Hard To Clean?

We are often asked by potential vehicle wrapping customers in Cambridgeshire if it is hard to clean a vinyl wrapped vehicle. Our customers ask us if […]