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Mobile Catering Experts!

Vehicle Bright specialise in Mobile Catering graphics. Whether it's a custom-made unit or a van, our specialist software and experienced team have got you covered! We will make anything work so you can get the wrap you need. We have a high-quality wrap team that will install the graphics to make the end product stand out that much more.
If you have a catering van and know the importance of a highly-visible vehicle then you have come to the right place; we know that first impression is key. Being a very cost-effective way to advertise your business, we at Vehicle Bright will help give you the best quality and experience you can get. Whether it be stationary, or on the move, we have the understanding that branding is key so we will show consistency throughout the designs and make sure your branding excels in ways it didn't before.

Why Choose Us?

Our business is based on our Reputation & Quality we want to produce the best wrap or graphics for you.
  • We don’t do cheap, we only do value.
  • We only produce bus graphics using high quality materials.
  • Expert knowledge and experience.
  • Whatever your budget we produce bus graphics to the highest level of quality possible.
  • We won’t sell you something that isn’t right for you or your business.
  • We will advise you on the best way to create the most eye-catching and effective bus design.
  • Our expert knowledge in design means we can create the perfect logo, brand and effective advert.

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