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Taxi Advertising

Taxi advertising is a great way to get your business noticed. This form of advertising will guarantee your business to get noticed as these taxis are constantly on the move in your geographical local area.
There are a number of packages that we offer:
  1. Full taxi wrap
  2. Partial taxi wrap
  3. Rear window display
  4. Taxi sign writing
We enable you to choose the number of taxis as well as the duration of the campaign. At Vehicle Bright, we pride ourselves on our creative and innovative designs, professionally applied to a high standard, which will catch your customers attention, show off your individual style, and potentially bring new business to your company. You can see how pleased our previous customers have been with our work by visiting the Testimonials section of this site. See examples of our work all around the site.
From advertising your business to showing off your personality through your car take a look at the benefits of choosing our professional car wrap service and get an incredible new look today. Benefits include the fact that wrapping your vehicle will provide protection for the paintwork from scratches and chips, and also help keep the vehicle clean. A wrap can be designed and applied within a short space of time after the initial consultation. This will minimise the amount of time that your vehicle will be off the road.
Car vehicle wrapping has become highly popular in recent years - not only as high impact advertising but as a styling opportunity. We have access to hundreds of vehicle manufacturer model templates for almost any car.

Why Choose Us?

Our business is based on our Reputation & Quality we want to produce the best wrap or graphics for you.
  • We don’t do cheap, we only do value.
  • We only produce taxi graphics using high quality materials.
  • Expert knowledge and experience.
  • Whatever your budget we produce taxi graphics to the highest level of quality possible.
  • We won’t sell you something that isn’t right for you or your business.
  • We will advise you on the best way to create the most eye-catching and effective taxi design.
  • Our expert knowledge in design means we can create the perfect logo, brand and effective advert.