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Does Your Business Deliver Food?

Food trailer vehicle signage

We have been speaking to loads of businesses recently that deliver food to their customers, whether it’s the sandwiches delivered for work meetings, pizzas on a Friday night, curries on a Sunday night or even the food van you can grab your kebab from any time of the day or night.

These guys have been using their vans to deliver food to the hungry mouths of people in Cambridgeshire… but they’ve been using regular, run of the mill cars and vans when they could get their vehicle wrapped for less than they would imagine and therefore have free advertising wherever the food was being delivered too!

In this article we have put together some top things to consider when creating a vehicle wrap for your food delivery vehicle. Vinyl wrapping on vehicles are really effective for making your food delivery brand stand out from the rest!

It is really important to remember that colour is one of the first things a customer will see so go for bright and appealing colours. Research shows that the colour red makes people hungry but if you’re selling vegan or vegetarian foods maybe consider going for a bright green which will help show customers the freshness of the food you are delivering. Most importantly, make it impossible for your vehicle to be confused as one for another company – go unique!

There is no point having your branded vehicle driving about everywhere, making mouths water all over the county if you’re not telling the customer how to order from you. Make sure you put your company name on the vehicle along with contact details such as a website, telephone number or social media links such as facebook or twitter. You may want to consider getting a QR code designed so people can grab your details at the scan of the code?

Make sure you choose a vehicle wrapping company in Cambridgeshire that offer a professional designer, a good design can bring customers to you but a poor design can turn customers off.

It’s a fantastic idea to cover your vehicle with images of the food you sell, this is what gets people interested and as they see your wrapped vehicle drive past they will already be licking their lips at the thought of their order arriving. For this reason it is really important that you get a professional photographer to take the photos of the food for you, they are trained and experienced in making your food looks appealing in the photos. When you are blowing pictures of food up to as large as the side of a van an image from a smart phone just isn’t going to cut it!

Unlike a poster or a bill board, a vehicle has four sides so a vinyl wrap gives you the room to be as creative as you want. Speak with the vehicle wrapping company and ask them how you can make the most of the space you have. The more creative you are the more you will stand out from the competition.

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