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FREE Advertisement Space

Vehciel Advertisement Space

If you saw a large space – the size of a lorry or a car that stated ‘FREE Advertisement Space’ you would jump at the chance wouldn’t you. After all, who doesn’t want space to advertise! And not have to pay for that space… well that’s an added bonus for sure!

If you or your business owns a car or vehicle then this is free advertising space for your business. You can put advertisements all over your vehicle with the help of vehicle wrapping. You can put your company name, your contact details, services you offer or even details of your business on social media sites. Have a think about what you would put in a free advertising space and put that on your vehicle.

Vinyl wrapping for vehicles is still recognised as one of the fastest growing industries and is more definitely an area of advertising and design that turns the heads of people of all ages, sexes and backgrounds wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

Let’s think about it – your vehicle is a free space of advertisements and is on the move all the time and constantly on show to the world whether you are at a clients office, at your own home or even out shopping at the weekend. Vehicle wrapping is the advertisement that never sleeps. Through a vehicle wrap you could be showing off your products, services and business brand twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 364 days a year – making a vehicle wrap the most cost effective form of advertising for any business.

It is estimated that a vehicle wrap can generate around 12million advertising opportunities every single year – what other advertising platform can create that much visibility and opportunity?

When it comes to vehicle branding – it’s your advert on the move!

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