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How to Choose the Best Vehicle Wrapping Company

Best Vehicle Wrapping Company

Best Vehicle Wrapping Company

You’ve decided to get your vehicle wrapped but now you need to decide which company to go to, to get the vehicle wrapping done. In this article we have put together some pointers that you need to consider when choosing the company for the vehicle wrapping.

Ask to see a car they have wrapped. If the company is popular they will have a car in the garage that is being worked on or one that is waiting to be collected. If the company is proud of what they are doing they may even have their own car or vehicle that has been wrapped.

When looking at a car that the company has wrapped take a good look at how the vehicle wrapping company have finished it off. Check to see if there is vinyl popping out of areas as this can mean that the wrap on the car has not been finished off properly. Also have a look inside the car around the doors – has the vinyl wrapping been finished off neatly?

Every car wrapper will use scalpel but a professional car wrapping company will use scalpels carefully and ensure no marks are left. Have a look round the car for scalpel marks; you may see them around the edges of panels, round doors or round the window areas. Sadly some scalpel marks may be under the vinyl and you will not see them until the vinyl comes off so make sure you are confident with the vehicle wrapping company you choose.
Have a look at the quality of the vinyl; some vehicle wrapping companies will use a cheaper quality vinyl to save money on the car wraps. If you get a quote for a vehicle wrap that is lots less than you expected then be cautious. Ask the vehicle wrapper if they offer a warranty too and see what this involves. This way you have peace of mind if something does go wrong.
A good quality vehicle wrapping company will advise you to get rust removed and damage fixed before getting the vehicle wrapped. Vinyl wrapping is unable to cover what you can already see damage wise so may sure your car is looking perfect before you decide to get it wrapped.
Ask for references from the clients of the vehicle wrappers you choose, have a look on review sites and their website too. See what their customers say and if they’re happy with their vehicle wrap you will be happy with yours too!

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