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How to Keep Your Vehicle Wrap Shiny & New?

Vehicle Wrap Shiny & New

Vehicle Wrap Shiny & New

Congratulations, you’ve realised that vehicles wraps are one of the most effective and affordable ways to get your brand out there locally. You’ve been to collect your gorgeous vinyl wrapped car and it looks fantastic, the colours and gloss are jumping off the vehicle and you know that it is impossible for your potential customers to miss you. In this article we tell you how you can keep your vinyl wrapped vehicle looking as good as new!

You want your wrapped vehicle to stand out when you are driving around so it’s important that you keep it looking fresh and shiny. Make sure you wax and polish your wrapped vehicle to give it the shine that makes it stand out. The only difference in polishing and waxing a vinyl wrapped car to an ordinary car is that vinyl can be easily damaged with abrasive polishes. Have a chat with your vehicle wrapping company and they will advise you on the best polish and wax to keep your branded vehicle looking fresh.

The rays of the sun can deteriorate the colour of the vinyl images over time so if you can keep your vehicle in the shade when you’re not using it this will help to keep the colours vibrant. If you don’t have a garage to store your branded vehicle in cover it with a thick cloth, blanket or cover as this will help to protect it from the sun rays.

Dependant on the vehicle wrapping company you choose to wrap your vehicle, a good quality vinyl graphic can last up to seven years if you follow these top tips for keeping it looking fresh.

If you are considering getting your vehicle wrapped in Cambridgeshire drop us a line and we will offer you a vinyl wrap that looks great for up to seven years, while protecting the paintwork underneath.

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