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Is a Wrapped Vehicle Hard To Clean?

Cleaning your vehicle wrap

Vehicle Wrap Aftercare

We are often asked by potential vehicle wrapping customers in Cambridgeshire if it is hard to clean a vinyl wrapped vehicle. Our customers ask us if they need to treat a vehicle wrap any different to the way in which they would treat their ordinary car. There is no real differences in cleaning a vinyl wrapped car to a normal car but we have put together some top tips for you to consider when it comes to keeping your vinyl wrapped van or car super clean.

Don’t worry – the task of maintaining that glossy shine of your vinyl graphics doesn’t require any drastic measures!

As with any car, it is highly recommended that you clean the vehicle regularly to care for the finish of the vehicle. You want to get rid of dirt, grime, dust and yuckier things such as bird poop before they get a chance to stick to the vinyl covering of your car.

When it is ‘wash day’ for your car or van it’s probably best you choose to wash it yourself instead of taking it to the car wash as these places use rough and abrasive brushes that may damage your vinyl, or the extra powerful jet sprays may encourage your vinyl to peel off or weaken.

Washing the vinyl wrapped car yourself is not a hard task and can be very enjoyable and rewarding, especially on a sunny warm day. You need to ensure you use a soft cloth to clean the car as this will avoid the risk of accidently scratching the surface of the wrap.

The products you use to wash the car should ideally be chemical free and alcohol free as you will find these products are easier to rinse off and won’t damage the exterior of your vehicle. If you would like advice on which products to use for cleaning your vinyl wrapped car in Cambridgeshire drop us a line. We are always happy to help.

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