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Matte Vehicle Wrapping Vs Chrome Vehicle Wrapping You Decide!

Matte Vehicle Wrapping Vs Chrome Vehicle Wrapping

Matte and Chrome are currently the most popular options when it comes to vehicle wrapping in Cambridgeshire. Research in 2010 by a vehicle wrapping company showed that ten times more people preferred chrome wrapping to matte wrapping for their vehicle but this seems to have changed in recent years.

In this article we put together reasons why a matte wrapped car is awesome, why a chrome wrapped car is awesome and then how each vehicle wrap needs to be cared for, then we allow you to decide if a matte wrapped vehicle or a chrome wrapped vehicle is the best option for you.

Instead of the traditional shiny look of a vehicle wrap, the matte wrapping on a car looks non-reflective and sleek, when a matte wrap on a vehicle is done well the car exudes the illusion of stealth and people’s attention is drawn towards it because of the understated look of the car.

However, many car enthusiasts opt for the chrome wrapping on a car. A chrome wrapped car is shiny, it’s brassy and almost mirror like in its reflective look. When a chrome wrapped vehicle is done well the finish looks almost exactly like real chrome itself.

If you choose matte wrapping for your car it is recommended that you clean your car at least twice a month (the same goes for any vinyl wrapped car) to remove any dust, dirt, bird poop or other things that may stain and damage the matte wrapping on the car. When cleaning the wrapped car make sure you opt for hand washing instead of going to a car wash machine as these can damage the wrap. If you need to give your matte wrapped car any quick touch ups this can be done quickly and easily with a can of matte finish, this will eliminate any staining that can be caused by pollen or dust and it will even remove the fingerprints of those admirers that got a little bit too close!

When it comes to caring for a chrome wrapped car this is a lot harder work. Although chrome wrapping is resistant to ordinary substances like dirt, oil, water and other things you and your car may come across daily the chrome wrap is more susceptible to scratches and such like. In very simple terms, even the slightest imperfection may not come out of a car wrapped in chrome. If your car is for display purposes then chrome may be the best option but if you are using the vehicle as a primary means of transportation then chrome wrapping may not be the best idea.

If you would like to talk about getting your vehicle wrapped in Cambridgeshire drop us a line, we would be happy to advise you on the best vehicle wrap for your car.


  1. jacob says:

    Really? You recommend handwashing wrapped cars? I got matte, gloss and brushed steel and the carwash hasnt made any damage so far, not even on the cold cuts.

  2. Matte and chrome are the best choices for vehicle wraps because they provide vehicles a sleek, elegant finish that makes most vehicles look brand new, high end and fantastic. Thanks for the post because it was insightful.

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