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If you’re thinking about getting your vehicle wrapped you’re in the right place! At The Wrap Lab we have up-to-date technical knowledge as well as high-quality vinyl products from our suppliers 3M and Avery to renovate the look of your vehicle.  It’s an effective, affordable solution to a permanent re-spray, with a product lifespan of 10 years.
With a wide variety of colours and finishes such as Chrome, Matte and Carbon fibre, to select from, we’re able to accommodate specifically to your requirements. A solution to re-spraying which enables you to create your own unique designs and specifications so that you stand out from the crowd.

Why Choose Us?

Our business is based on our Reputation & Quality we want to produce the best wrap or graphics for you.
  • We don’t do cheap, we only do value.
  • We only produce graphics using high quality materials.
  • Expert knowledge and experience.
  • Whatever your budget we produce graphics to the highest level of quality possible.
  • We won’t sell you something that isn’t right for you or your business.
  • We will advise you on the best way to create the most eye-catching and effective design.
  • Our expert knowledge in design means we can create the perfect logo, brand and effective advert.

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    Installation Process

    All vehicle wrapping will be done in perfect conditions to ensure the best job is done. A clean environment is essential and we have measures in place to create and maintain a clean and minimal dust atmosphere within the workshop. The room temperature is also vital and will be kept between 17 - 24°C to maximise efficiency and guarantee a strong bond is created allowing the wrap to last its full potential. Lighting is also of key importance and therefore we have a well-lit workshop.


    A full colour change will take 2-5 days.


    A standard car wrap will cost between £800.00 and £1,600.00 depending on the size of your car.


    The vinyl will provide lasting protection and preservation of paintwork.


    All obstacles will be removed from the vehicle (i.e. badges, number plates, lights, indicators, bumpers, doors, wing mirrors etc.).


    The wrap is carefully fitted by one of our qualified professional team.


    The vehicle is cleaned again with isopropranol or methylated spirit (this helps the glue form a stronger bond).


    Once the wrap is fitted it is quality checked to make sure it meets the The Wrap Lab standard.


    The vinyl can be easily removed for resale.
    Unlike spraying a car, the vinyl can be removed at any time, enabling the vehicle to be restored to its original state. Also, we have a qualified team with large amounts of experience in installation and high-quality finishes for all of our clients.

    If you're interested in a full colour change wrap check out our page for further information on the overall process.
    Colour Change Wrap
    The Wrap Lab are one of the best names in vehicle wrapping, we have a highly trained team with experts in every stage of the vehicle wrap process. Creative design is at the forefront of our business but is closely accompanied by an extremely reliable and professional approach. Please check out our testimonials page to see what some of our customers have said about us.
    We have a highly effective four step process keeping the customer in the driving seat the whole time. We start with a consultation where we aim to educate the customer about the world of vehicle wrapping. Our skilled expert designers will then start creating your unique vision. The vinyl is then printed, laminated and cut using only the latest specialised manufacturing machinery. Finally it is installed on your vehicle by our professionally trained vehicle wrapping team.
    The whole process from describing to us your vision to having it come alive and installed on your vehicle can take as little time as one week. Although if such a quick time scale is not as critical to you our average turnaround is one month. Fast turnaround will cost extra. Standard completion time for a full vehicle wrap is 2 - 5 days. Although if you have a smaller project in mind such as some simple sign writing this usually takes less than half a day, this varies depending on each individual project.
    Full vehicle wraps range from £800.00 to £2,400.00+ Sign writing and stickers start from £145.00+ Prices are variable depending on factor such as the make and model of the vehicle at hand, amount of coverage required, quality of material used, colour of vinyl, detailing of wrap, texture of vinyl, design work required, and length of time vinyl is desired to last.