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23rd July 2018
Beach Buggy – Fiery Orange
2nd July 2018
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G Kitchen

    This is a catering van we fully wrapped and fixed. The van came to us with a lot of problems, a wrap on there that was hard to get off, stuck down with horrible material. Using a specialist tool to get rid of the wrap as it was too hard to take off by hand we managed to get it all off. Dents in the back door we pulled out and filled in then wrapped over the smoother door.

    The customer came to us not too sure what he wanted with the wrap and the logo. Starting off with the logo it was made with India in mind, using their flag in as a background and the scheme the same colours, adding a chili and other little bits it turned out to be a great logo.

    Wrap started off as a fully digital print with multiple colours and design but wanted something a bit simplier, taking inspiration from traditional Indian food catering vans this is the result we got. Both 3M, one being Gloss Bright Orange the Other being Gloss Black, this really pops and with the signage on top it all ties in perfectly together.