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7th February 2014
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So you’ve got Your Vehicle Wrapped – What Now?

Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle Wrapping

Your vehicle is all nicely wrapped, it looks great, your vehicle is now a marketing machine on wheels and you can’t wait to get driving and showing it off to all your new potential clients. But before you do that just have a quick skim through of the following details. They show you how to take care of your newly vehicle wrapped car;

A vinyl vehicle wrap isn’t delicate but it’s a good idea to take care of it, try to avoid the jet washes as it may result in damaging your vinyl wrap. Consider this when using an automated car wash too as the jet wash and rough rollers can do damage to it too. But let’s be honest – when your newly wrapped car looks this good it will be a pleasure to wash it by hand anyway!

As with all car polishes, make sure you use a brand you have tried and tested before, alternatively give us a call and we can recommend the best polish for your car that won’t damage the vinyl wrapping.

If you want to test the polish pop a small dab in an unseen area and leave it to rest for a little while, if there are no adverse effects after a few minutes then he polish is fine to use all over the car. Just make sure you are cautious when using a brand new polish that you haven’t used before for the first time.

If you or someone else causes damage to the car don’t panic. All you need to do is pop back in and see us, we can remove the wrap in the area the damage was caused and replace it. We work in panels when vehicle wrapping, so we will only take the one panel off, cover and protect the rest of the car and then replace the vinyl wrapping again. You’ll be pleased to hear that the vinyl actually protects the car from scratches in most cases and when pulling the vinyl off there will often be no damage to the paintwork of the car from the scratch.

As with any paintwork, dirt such as bird poo can damage it so make sure you wipe it off as soon as you get the chance. Washing your car at least twice a month will be really beneficial even if your car looks clean. If you car can tend to get quite dirty due to the roads you use then you may want to wash it more often – this will help keep the vinyl wrapping looking as good as new for longer.

For more top vehicle wrapping aftercare tips just drop us a line.

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