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Want To Change The Colour Of Your Car?

Vehicle Colour Change

Vehicle Colour Change

Changing the colour of your car or van used to be a long winded process that involved taking the vehicle to the body-shop for a re-spray and parting with years of hard earned cash that you had scrimped and saved to be able to afford to change the colour of your can or van. The results weren’t perfect either. You were left with a very empty pocket, mismatched panels, old paint colour showing on some of the inner sills, paint that faded in the sun and uneven paint finishes in some areas that could not have been avoided due to the way spray paint works.

When it comes to decals on vehicles, vinyl has seen some large successes. It was often used for advertising on your car in smaller areas and covering things like bumpers or wing mirrors but as time has gone on more and more people are choosing to get their vehicle vinyl wrapped or they are purchasing van wraps.

The vehicle wrapping process offers a near perfect finish when the vinyl wrap is applied to a vehicle with a hot air gun but it is highly recommended that trained professionals complete the vehicle wrapping for you as mistakes can be made if you are not fully trained in vehicle wraps.

The finished results are fantastic; there is no mess and no over spray that you may get with spray painting a vehicle. You will also find that you don’t need to mess around contacting the DVLA either as vinyl vehicle wrapping is classed as a temporary change to a car!

All you need to do now is get your thinking cap on – what colour will you change your car to and where will you advertise your business on your vehicle?

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