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Benefits of a Car or Van Wrap
The Benefits of a Car or Van Wrap
28th April 2014
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12th June 2014
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What Are The Benefits Of Window Tints?

Benefits Of Window Tints

Here at Vehicle Bright we are often asked what the advantages are for window tints and if it is a product we are able to offer. We are glad to confirm we can definitely offer window tinting as part of the vehicle wrapping service and we can offer it individually too. We have listed just some of the great benefits of window tints below;

  • You will find that the film of the window tint will block out around 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and this will help reduce the risk of fading colours on the carpets and seats inside your car.
  • The film of the window tint will help hold together shattered glass. This can be very beneficial if you were in an accident as the shattered glass will stay together and can be safely pushed outwards.
  • Thieves are not fans of window tints as it further protects your car from being broken in to, it is very hard to be pushed inwards as a thief would do when trying to break into your car.
  • The window tint film also adds an increased level of privacy as it makes a car harder to see inside, helping the reduction of thieves prying eyes.
  • Bright headlights or glares from the sun or reflective surfaces can be hazardous when driving, but much less so with window tiny film as this helps to reduce this glare making your driving experience safer.
  • When comparing film window tints to untreated glass it is proven that there is a 60% heat reduction, window films help your vehicle cool more rapidly as they reflect the blazing sun off of your vehicle.

Why not consider vehicle wraps or window tinting for your car – the benefits are endless!

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