Vehicle Wrapping
So you’ve got Your Vehicle Wrapped – What Now?
9th February 2014
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What is a vehicle wrap?

Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle Wrapping

Here at The Wrap Lab we will often be asked what a vehicle wrap is, in this article we give you a brief understanding of vehicle wrapping and some of the benefits of vehicle wrapping. If you would like to know more just drop us a line and we would be happy to answer any of your questions or even send you a link to a video of us wrapping a vehicle!

A vehicle wrap is the application of a self adhesive vinyl to a surface; in this case the surface would be your car. Our expert vehicle wrappers will use their expertise to contour the vinyl to the shape of your cars body. When the vehicle is wrapped the end result will be a full vehicle colour change with no expensive re-sprays and the original paint work is unaffected.

The great thing about a vehicle wrap is that it is not permanent. If you decide years, months or even weeks down the line that you would like your car to be another colour we can peel off the vinyl and put another vinyl colour on top. You will also find that the vinyl protects your cars original paintwork from stone chips and scratches too, working as a protective layer to your car.

If you are looking to change the colour of your car, not only will you find that vinyl wrapping is cheaper but it’s quicker too. It can take 2-3 days dependent on the vehicle and unlike paint spraying it can be removed too.

Vehicle wrapping has even improved the sale price of cars previously due to the protection to the car that the vinyl wrap offers. As the vinyl wrap is carefully peeled off by professional vehicle wrappers you will see your old car shining underneath, looking as good as new!

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